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Jack and Renee make love

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Where are all the GOOD pics?
Thanks to increasing censorship, it may be illegal to place explicit pics of a couple making love on a free site.
If you're after hardcore, you'll have to join one of the great paysites available to women. 

Women's Porno is the most popular women's adult site available today. 

This is probably because webmistress Ros has gone to considerable lengths to keep her members happy. To help make the site a place women will love they've added such cool features like adult games, sexy trivia, a gossip column, chat, message board and women's resources. 

But what keeps everyone coming back are the beautifully photographed galleries of couples making love. This is hardcore porn with eye contact! 

The best thing about this extremely large site is you can get a 5 day membership to Women's Porno for just $2.95, with the added benefit of FREE ACCESS to 21 other site including Erotic Story Vault. Worth every cent!

For The Girls offers photos of REAL SEX!

Real sex has kissing, foreplay, lots of loving cunnilingus, female orgasms and gorgeous afterglow. Real sex DOESN'T have men spurting cum all over a woman's face, or women wearing high heels in bed!

For The Girls is a new erotica site created FOR women BY women who know what we girls want to see - plenty of horny hardcore sex, but with enough respect and romance to keep us interested!

Plus heaps of naked men, sexy movies, male strippers, sex stories, articles, columns, sex advice, humor, games and other fun stuff.

Stop wasting time looking at free sites with crap quality photos! Stop stuffing around looking at "4women" sites that are full of gay pics and gay ads.

For Fun, For Pleasure, For Play.
For The Girls Ezine and Erotica for Women

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