Smut for Women

Extremely Strange Sex Toys

Sure, we've all seen vibrators, but have you considered these adult products for a livelier sex life?

Julian Rock Hard Doll
Julian is a male mannequin, the first blow-up doll designed for women. Here's the official spiel:

"Designed exclusively for the independent woman! Incredibly life-like doll has a gorgeous mannequin head, gazing brown eyes, flowing hair, soft kissable lips and a succulently erotic rotating and vibrating deep penetrating tongue. Julian is Better-Than-Real with a life-like rotating dong and exquisitely soft vibrating balls with a muscular physique and a firm, tight ass. Powered by the easy dial, super-powerful multi-speed BP-100 Power Paks. 4 AA batteries (not included)."

Personally, I like the sound of the "life-like rotating dong." What I want to know is: when did real-life penises begin to rotate? And how can I get my hands on one?

The Accommodator
This interesting gadget must have been designed by a woman, because there's just no way a man could have thought of this... he would have said, "Hey, I won't look like my usual super-studly self wearing that..." But you gotta admit, it's a brilliant idea, and bound to make oral sex even better. Just make sure he doesn't forget he's wearing it and head off to work with it still attached.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps
Perfect for when you just can't get started in the morning... hook these up to your car battery and whammo! Actually, they look like a bit of fun, and they're kinky without being... erm, hideously kinky. You'll be pleased to know they've got dual rubber dipped non-tarnishing vibrating clamps with adjustable tension enhancer screws. Just say this to your man and he'll buy them for you, thinking they gotta have another use in the garage somehow.

E-Z Rider Ball
Ever used one of those inflatable exercise balls? Well, now your daily exercise routine doesn't have to be so boring with this amazing device. That's right, you can attach a dong or vibrator to the top and bounce away to your heart's content. It uses Vac-U-Loc technology ensure the attachment stays in place. You can even take it to the beach if you're feeling a little zany.

Love Swing
The Love Swing is a fully adjustable sex harness for a swingin' time! Hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two people. Features include fully adjustable hanging hardware for different heights and bounce. Fully adjustable extra-wide, ballistic weave nylon straps for maximum comfort (fits all sizes). Soft padded supports. E-Z installation, no tools needed. The love Swing can support you and your lover!

Some Less-Zany Sex Toys

Crystal Rabbit Vibrator
As seen on Sex and the City. The King of Vibrators.
Spectacular rotating beaded shaft with soft, supple head, is the crowning glory of this dual I.C. control stimulator. Jelly soft with push button controls, vibrating ears and deliciously scented. The Crystal Rabbit stands 7in. tall and requires 3AA batteries (not included).

Clit Kisser
Tantalizing clitoral pleasure!
Feel the soft flutter of this tongue as its lips caress your lips. This soft Jelly mouth with its vibrating tongue will provide instant satisfaction with its powerful yet discreet touch. The vibrating silver bullet is easily removed and may be used to tease any of your erogenous zones. 2AA batteries.

Sensual Bath Buddy
For the woman who loves having long, relaxing, candlelit baths. Powerful multi-speed waterproof sponge massager with easy-twist power switch and handy nylon chord. 2 AA batteries (not included.)

Seduction Kit
Excite your lover! Seduce with the light touch of the feather and the finger stimulators. Use your imagination with the mini-massager or place a sleeve over it for a new sensation. Don't forget the beads for the ultimate climax.

Ultra Harness 2000 - Female
Ever wanted to take control? A strap on is a great way to do it! The Ultra Harness 2000 is made of the finest grade leather and it's non-slip construction assures perfect movement with your body. This package comes with the fully adjustable harness, Realistic 6"x2" cock attachment and fully adjustable and removable vaginal and anal attachments. Simply the best.

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