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Do you know who claims to own the first penis ever seen on film?

Terence Stamp's old fella put in a very brief appearance in Pasolini's Theorem in 1968 and it's technically the first doodle seen on the big screen. Unfortunately it's so quick you have to be careful not to blink.

Oliver Reed, meanwhile, took great pains when he was alive to claim the prize, pointing out that his dick lingered on the screen for much longer during Ken Russell's Women In Love (1969). The scene occurs during a nude wrestling match with Alan Bates; apparently both actors were persuaded to do the scene via an awful lot of vodka.

The first erection ever seen on film was in a film by Andy Warhol, Flesh. The turgid member had a bow tied around it, and belonged to Joe Dallesando.

A more well-known penile appearance is that of Richard Gere in American Gigolo. For a long time, this held the honor of most popular appearance by a set of genitals in a feature film, and had many a female audience member feeling more than a little flushed.

It was many years between that and Harvey Keitel's magnificent nude piano-polishing performance in Jane Campion's The Piano. The gruff actor was better known for macho gangster roles, but that one nude appearance cemented him into the hearts of many female fans.

These days, the penis is appearing on film far more than ever - much to the delight of women moviegoers. Recently we've seen Jude Law's todger in The Talented Mr Ripley, Ewan McGregor's in The Pillow Book, Edward Norton's in American History X and a completely nude Geoffrey Rush in Quills.

Perhaps a day is coming when male nudity appears as often as female nudity...

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